O'Briens Green Re-Usable Cup

O’Briens New Green Cup

We are delighted to introduce our new O’Briens reusable coffee cup – the Green Cup!

While the benefits of a reusable coffee cup are not an entirely new concept, the impact of using one in favour of disposable cups have a long reaching positive effect on our environment. Half of the plastic used in the world today is for single use disposable items, like coffee cups. So by committing to a reusable coffee cup, you are taking huge stride in the fight against plastic waste.

At O’Briens, we care not only for environmental sustainability, but for the comfort and happiness of all of our customers. Our Green Cup was designed with your needs in mind, giving you the best opportunity to enjoy our unique blend of beans with the most wholesome coffee taste every time.

We are choosing to use reusable coffee cups as a sign of encouragement to reduce our negative impact on the planet. But don’t worry, all our to go coffee cups are also 100% compostable. #KeepingIrelandGreen ☘