Our famous handcrafted for you signature sandwiches.

Ham & Cheese Toastie ⭐️
Irish Ham, Mature Cheddar, Red Onion & Juicy Tomato served on O'Briens Wholemeal or White Sliced Bread.
Pulled Ham Ciabatta
Irish Pulled Ham with Swiss Cheese, Light Slaw, BBQ Sauce & Red Jalapenos served on Toasted O'Briens Ciabbata.
Hot Chicken Ciabatta
Roast Chicken with Juicy Tomato, Red Onion, Roasted Peppers, Rocket Leaves & O'Briens Herb Mayonnaise served on Toasted O'Briens Ciabatta.
Mexican Quesadilla ⭐️
Mature Cheddar, Crispy Bacon, Chilli, Spring Onion & Corriander served on an O'Briens Tortilla Wrap with Guacamole & Ballymaloe Jalapeno Relish.
Triple Decker ⭐️
Roasted Chicken, Mature Cheddar, Crispy Bacon, O’Briens Coleslaw, Tomato, Red Onion & Mixed Leaves served on Toasted O'Briens Wholemeal or White Sliced Bread.
Triple Club
Turkey, Swiss Cheese, Crispy Bacon, Avocado Spread, Honey Dijon, Tomato, Red Onion & Mixed Leaves served on O'Briens Wholemeal or White Sliced Bread.
Powerhouse Wrap 🌱⭐️
Houmous, Feta, Ballymaloe Beetroot, Peppers, Spinach, Seeds, Leaves And O’Briens House Dressing served on an O'Briens Tortilla Wrap.
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Roast Chicken with Shaved Parmesan, Crispy Bacon & Romaine Lettuce served on an O'Briens Tortilla Wrap.
Chicken & Bacon Shambo
Roast Chicken and Crispy Bacon, Mature Cheddar, O’Briens Coleslaw & Red Onion served on Toasted O'Briens Shambo.
Tuna Melt Shambo
Tuna, Swiss Cheese, Red Onion & Juicy Tomato served on Toasted O'Briens Shambo.
Cajun Chicken on Sourdough ⭐️
Roast Chicken in a Cajun Spiced Sauce & Rocket Leaves On Toasted O'Briens Sourdough Bread.
Goats Cheese on Sourdough 🌱
Goats Cheese, Red Onion Jam, Chargrilled Vegetables, Tapenade & Baby Spinach served on Toasted O'Briens Sourdough Bread.

Varieties of O'Briens signature breads available - Wholemeal and White Sliced Bread, Ciabatta, Shambo, Sourdough & Tortilla Wrap. Gluten-Free bread available. / Rachel Allen's favourites - ⭐️ / Vegetarian friendly 🌱


Our famous made-to-order salads, meticulously crafted with seasonal ingredients.

Powerhouse Salad 🌱⭐️
Chunky Houmous, Feta Cheese, Ballymaloe Beetroot, Peppers, Baby Spinach, Mixed Seeds, Crunchy Leaves & O’Briens House Dressing.
Chicken Caesar
Roast Chicken, Shaved Parmesan, Crispy Bacon, Romaine Lettuce & Croutons.
Mediterranean Tuna
Tuna, Free-Range Egg, Tapenade, Red Onion, Tomato, Cucumber & Baby Spinach.
Gently Spiced Chicken Salad ⭐️
Roast Chicken, Cashew Nuts, Celery, Grapes, Red Onion, Mixed Leaves, Cucumber & Spicy Yogurt Sauce.

Our salad bowls can also be enjoyed in an O'Briens Tortilla Wrap. Rachel Allen's favourites - ⭐️ / Vegetarian friendly 🌱


Our fresh soup range changes depending on seasonal availability.

O’Briens Hot Combo
Ham & Cheese Toastie with an O'Briens Cup of Soup.
Soup of the Day
Served with O’Briens Brown Soda Bread.

Breakfast Club

Rise & Shine the O'Briens way.

Breakfast Toastie
Crispy Bacon, Sausage, Juicy Tomato with a choice of Ballymaloe Relish or Ketchup served on O'Briens Wholemeal or White Sliced Bread.
Breakfast Bagel
Crispy Bacon and Cream Cheese served on a Bagel variety of your choice.
Morning Starter
Two Free Range Eggs served on Toasted O’Briens Sourdough Bread.
Full Irish
Crispy Bacon, Sausages, Fried Egg, White Pudding, Hash-brown and Baked Beans served with O'Briens Wholemeal or White Sliced Bread. (Limited Availability)
Irish Porridge
Natural Irish oats served with a choice of toppings.
Freshly Baked Patisseries
Choose from our wide selection of freshly made Croissants, Muffins, Danishes, Tray-bakes & more.
Toasted O'Briens Wholemeal or White Sliced Bread served with Butter & Choice of Preserves.

O'Briens Breakfast Special available before 12pm noon daily.

Barista Coffee
& Speciality Teas

Barista style coffee & speciality teas created especially for you.

Flat White
Flavoured Latte
Chai Latte
Hot Chocolate
Traditional Tea
Speciality Tea
Iced Coffee
Iced Frappé