Natalya Coyle at O'Briens Connolly Station

Natalya Coyle Joins The O’Briens Team ☘️

We are delighted to announce three-time Irish Olympian Natalya Coyle has joined the team as O’Briens brand ambassador! 🇮🇪

“I have always been in and out of O’Briens cafes throughout my career for pre/post training sandwiches and snacks. I’m thrilled to be representing an Irish company” 

The menu at O’Brien’s allows for flexibility and has great everyday options. Sometimes I go for the scrambled egg and feta, other days I grab a smoothie, a salad or a coffee from their Power Menu

Natalya has worked so hard throughout her career and is a true inspiration to all sports people in Ireland, and we at O’Briens really admire that. We want our customers to be inspired too and encourage them to support all women in sport as well as enjoying our food offering which is ideal for those in training or those looking for a day off or a quick delicious bite on the go.

Head to your local O’Briens Café today and discover Natalya’s favourite O’Briens menu items!💚

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