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Favourites - The Way You Like It!

  • Ham & Cheese Toastie
    with cheddar, red onion & tomato
  • Tuna & Swiss Melt
    toasted with aran island sauce, red onion, tomato & mixed leaves
  • Honey-Chilli Chicken Hot Wrap
    with mixed peppers, red onion & tomato
  • Mozzarella Chicken Hot Wrap
    with pesto, mixed peppers, red onion & tomato
  • Spicy Beef Hot Wrap
    with cheddar, mixed peppers, red onion & tomato
  • Bacon & Brie Melt
    toasted shambo with cranberry relish, tomato & mixed leaves
  • Italian Toasted Shambo
    with mozzarella, semi-sundried tomato, basil pesto & mixed leaves
  • Chicken Caesar Salad
    with bacon, parmesan, olives, croutons & mixed leaves

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  • O'Briens Big Club
    toasted with ham, cheddar, coleslaw, tomato, egg & mixed leaves
  • Hot Chicken Ciabatta
    chargrilled chicken, tomato, roasted peppers, red onion, mixed leaves & mayo
  • Big Eat Shambo
    toasted shambo with chicken, bacon, cheddar, coleslaw, red onion & mixed leaves
  • O'Briens Tripledecker
    toasted with chicken, bacon, cheddar, coleslaw, tomato, red onion & mixed leaves

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  • Hot Combo Meal
    ham & cheese toastie & cup of soup
  • Kid’s Meal
    chicken, ham, cheese or jam sandwich, kid’s juice & fruit or crisps
  • Tripledecker Meal Deal
    our tripledecker with tea or coffee and a cookie or biscuit bar

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  • Mexican Cheese Quesadilla
    with crispy bacon, chili, coriander and spring onion, served with guacamole and sour cream
  • Classic Beef Philly Sub
    toasted with green peppers, spring onion, tomato, melted cheese, mixed leaves & mustard mayo
  • Mozzarella, Sweet Pepper, and Ham Toastie
    served on ciabatta with chunky tomato and basil pesto
  • New York Deli Melt
    with pizza sauce. pepper salami, dubliner cheese, oregano, red onion and a dollop of cream cheese


  • Tuna Wrap
    with spinach, red onion, capers, olives and Basil
  • Chicken and Egg Wrap
    with cucumber, red onion, mixed leaves and basil mayo
  • Gently Spiced Grilled Chicken Sandwich
    with crunchy celery, red onion, grapes and cashew nuts, dressed with a spicy yogurt sauce.

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  • Chicken Caesar
    chicken sweet peppers, mixed leaves, parmesan & caesar mayo
  • Turkey Club Melt
    turkey, crispy bacon, baby spinach, tomato & mayo with melted cheese
  • The Classic
    smoked salmon, cream cheese, black pepper fresh lemon
  • All Day Eggworks
    egg, bacon, sausage, mushroom, tomato & melted cheese
  • Italian Pesto
    cream cheese, cucumber, sun sweet tomatoes & pesto
  • Mushroom Melt
    mushrooms, baby spinach & sweet peppers with melted mozzarella cheese
  • Pastrami Melt
    pastrami & gherkins with melted swiss cheese & thousand island dressing
  • Stars n Stripes
    double crispy bacon, tomato, cream cheese & guacamole
  • Chilli Tuna
    melted swiss cheese, peppers, red onion & sweet chilli sauce

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